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₹600 per month
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  • How do I make money on

    You make money by charging your readers for access to content or by accepting contributions on Let’s say you have written a short story - you can charge $5 to your fans to read that short story. You can also enable Support where your fans can pay you to support your creative process without you having to charge for specific content. You choose how you want to make money from your content and your fans.

  • When and how do I get paid?

    You get paid once a month, at the beginning of the for all your earnings from the previous month. Let’s say you made $2,500 in July by selling your stories to your fans. In the first week of August, you will receive a link via email to accept your earnings ($2,500 minus 10% platform fees) from July into your bank account.

  • What languages can I publish in?

    You can publish in any language you wish to. We have created to work in any language (all Indian languages as well as global ones) that a writer wishes to publish in. Currently, more than 24,000 writers are publishing in 15+ languages on!

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