is a place to discover thinkers and creators worth following. We encourage a diverse range of opinions, and invite creators and their followers to participate. The following guidelines will tell you what is and is not acceptable on We will update these guidelines from time to time, and will consult independent experts outside of whenever necessary.

Please email us at if you see any content violating these guidelines, or have any questions about them. If we determine that any content is violating these guidelines, we may remove it, hide it from public view, or choose to impose other restrictions.

1. Legal

Please respect people’s privacy, intellectual property or any other legal rights. Simply, don’t infringe on them. You (the creator) and only you are responsible for the content you post on You are liable for any harm caused by the content you publish. Don’t publish anything that violates any laws or regulations.

2. Be Respectful is a safe place for both creators and their followers, free of hate and toxicity. You are free to discuss and debate controversial issues, but please do so respectfully. At all times, you should know that we at do not allow any type of harassment or threats.

3. Hate

Posts that encourage, promote, or fund causes/ideas that call for violence, exclusion, or segregation based on protected classes aren’t allowed on Any behaviour that attacks people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or medical condition is in violation of our community guidelines, and related content will be removed.

4. Erotica, Nudity

There is no place for sexually exploitative content or porn on It’s okay to post artistic expressions of nudity and erotica but you should know that we may take steps to reduce visibility of such content if required.

5. Plagiarism

Your posts should be yours to begin with. Do not post any content that was created by someone else and claim it as your own. Not Cool.

6. Harmful and illegal activities

We don’t allow content that promotes harmful or illegal activities - this means, any content that threatens, displays, or promotes causing harm to yourself, other people, or animals.

7. Phishing and Spam

Like most people in the world, we don’t like to be phished, and we don’t enjoy being spammed. To stay away from trouble, don’t create accounts or posts to spam or phish people.

8. Impersonation

Don’t be someone who you aren’t. We don’t allow impersonation of another person, brand, or organization. You shouldn’t use’s logo, trademark, or name in a way that misleads others or misrepresents the company.

9. Private information

Please don’t publish or post other people's private information (such as home phone number and address) without their express consent and permission. The same rules apply to threats to expose private information or incentivizing others to do so.

10. Payment Restrictions on

If Stripe (internationally) and Razorpay (in India) don’t allow you to accept payments or pay, you should NOT create paid content on, or attempt to pay for it. Please refer to 1). Restricted Goods under Razorpay’s Terms, 2) the Stripe Service Agreement and 3) Stripe’s restricted businesses for more information about restricted business categories and practices.

11. Same rules for followers and readers of

Everything we have said above about the guidelines also applies equally to followers and readers of all creators.